What We Do

We exist with the primary aim of closing the infrastructure deficit in Africa. Due to a variety of factors, there exists a continental development gap in Africa, which Tocam sees as a challenge to alleviate. This gap also represents a true potential for growth and return on investment through filling key markets gaps in these emerging economies and participating across the entire project cycle. Given the nature of the energy industry, Tocam always approaches projects in a sustainable manner, ensuring longevity of profit and purpose for both investors and front-end clients. Resourcefulness is also a key skill we employ in every stage of development, as the socio-political instability of Africa can be challenging without any experience in these relatively high-risk markets. This adroit approach to executing enterprise is always paired with a professional, clear and concise vision of implementation, minimising exposure to unexpected market volatility.


Our Experience

The Tocam group was set up by Oliver Tunde Andrews, who retired recently as the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of African Finance Corporation (AFC) after 13 years in the role. Oliver and Tocam director Gary Neville have a combined experience of over 70 years in investment banking, specialising in infrastructure, project development, and finance.

Our Ethos

Directly combating production capacity limitations in Africa through infrastructure finance and development, while safeguarding and nurturing shareholder interest. Despite massive recent strides in Africa’s technological and economic capacity, there remains opportunity for expansive growth in key infrastructural respects. While having benefited from revitalised global interest and increased injection of local and international capital, there remains a dearth of actually bankable projects due to lack of local project structuring proficiency and early stage capital. With our expertise, Tocam aims to position itself as advisors to promoter firms, helping turn projects and ideas into bankable transactions. This role plays a fundamental part in international capital raising.

Our Services


With over 70 years of experience in corporate finance, Tocam possesses invaluable insight on equity purchases and subordinated debt solutions to accommodate a wide variety of financial growth plans and balance sheet objectives.

Project Development

Tocam looks to take early stage projects from feasibility through to financial close. Our dedicated division leverages on the company’s institutional knowledge of the requirements of a bankable project, in-house technical expertise and extensive network of partners to ensure the project development process is streamlined and projects are developed to the highest standards for bankability.

Transaction & Financial Advisory

Tocam can provide financial and transaction advisory services to public and private sector clients across Africa. Our areas of expertise include infrastructure project development, investment appraisal and structuring, capital raising and policy formulation and implementation.


Meet the team

Oliver Andrews
Gary Neville